What to Wear for your Photo Session

I get this question A LOT, so I thought I should probably address it on my blog. Gone are the days of jeans, barefoot, and a white top for your photo session.   Today's trends are colors & patterns, and not being so "matchy, matchy".

So here are some tips and my opinion on what to wear for a photo session.

  • Pick 2-4 colors and have everyone wear some variation of those colors.
  • Layer different patterns or colors, and use accessories.  Maybe mom wears a bright necklace, or your little guy wears a really cool tie.
  • Don't wear something you wouldn't normally wear.  You won't feel comfortable and you might not love the look on you in a few months.  Stick to what you know and like.  If you hate your arms, don't wear a sleeveless top.
  • If you are trying to coordinate the kids try and shop from one clothing store/designer.  Often they have clothes that go together from the same collection.

Here are some examples of families that I have photographed that did a great job of coordinating their clothes.


I love that this family chose navy and yellow, it was so bright and colorful, and the girls' outfits were from Carter's and from the same collection.

This family was doing a session by themselves but also a large group shot.  They chose pink as their main color, while her sister's family chose purple and I think they look so great together.


I love that mom was rocking the purple pants, what a great way to pull the color in without having everyone just wearing the same color top. Colors-1 Colors-3This family really did a fantastic job of coordinating their colors while not having anyone's looks competing.  You can see each family had a different color to work off of, but they all worked so nicely together.