A season of reflection and growth

These past few months was in season of reflection and quiet, like the seeds under the fertile soil waiting for their chance to emerge in the bright sunlight of spring, gosh that was corny.  I am not a writer, I am not eloquent lol.  

This winter was a hard one for me.  My anxiety was pretty rough and I was feeling not good enough, uninspired, depressed.  So I took a break.  I put my camera away and rarely touched it, I stepped away from posting my work on social media, and I hibernated from my photography. 

I worried that by not posting on social media my clients would forget me, think I had quit.   I decided to that I needed something that planted a seed in me, or lit a fire again.  I enrolled in a course on film called Everyday Films and I began picking up my camera again.  I slowly started feeling myself getting inspired again, excited again, not just about this new passion of film making but also about still photography.  

Sometimes in our lives I think we need a period of quiet, to reflect on where we have come and to decide on where we want our path to lead. 

I am sharing with you my final project from my workshop.  It is always scary sharing something new but I also know that sometimes you have to trust the magic of beginnings. 

Another Beautiful Beach Session

The clouds on this night at the beach were so amazing. I love how the sky changes so much, and the sky on this particular night was just so beautiful!  I have photographed this sweet family since big brother was a baby, and I love watching their personalities and height grow.  Thank you for letting me capture your fun family again.

Family Beach Session

I realize that the last time I blogged was way back in July.  Sorry for stepping away for so long but this summer was so busy.  I was photographing two camps, plus trying to just enjoy summer.  I really tried to take a step away from the computer this summer and take a break.  I am glad that I did but also ready to dive back into my business and blogging and showing off my work.


Summer sunset beach sessions might be some of my favorites.  Being at the beach in the evening has such a different vibe than being there during the day, it is quiet and so beautiful.  You can see how much fun families have at the beach at sunset.

The E Family

When Jenny contacted me about doing a session of her family I could tell right off the bat that we would hit it off.  Her plan was to photograph her family and then capture her grandmother's 90th birthday party at the Allegria Hotel in Long Beach.  The venue was just gorgeous with all the natural light and large windows.  Here are just the photographs that I captured from her family's session.  We had such a blast!