The Patten Family

A year ago we first met the Pattens.  They had just moved into town and were looking to introduce their son to other kids who would also be in first grade.  Our boys were in the same class and became the best of friends, and our little girls bonded over their love of Elsa. This family has become like a lifeline for me and my family, we are beyond lucky they moved into our neighborhood!


Patten-5 Patten-6 Patten-13-Edit Patten-48 Patten-53 Patten-79 Patten-88 Patten-113-Edit Patten-124-Edit

6 month session with "A"

A's mom called me about doing a 6 month stylized session.  I absolutely adore photographing babies this age, they are so smiley and happy.  I also love being able to take a vision and bring it to life.  I just wanted this session to have a creamy dreamy feel to it.  I purchased the romper and bonnet from Baby Portrait Prop Shop on Etsy.  She custom made this for the session and it is just gorgeous! Avery-9 Avery-12 Avery-17 Avery-18 Avery-21 Avery-22 Avery-23 Avery-24-2 Avery-25 Avery-26 Avery-28 Avery-31-2 Avery-32 Avery-33-2

Bebe's First Birthday

Bebe's mom is a friend of mine from high school who also happens to be a photographer in Vegas.  I was thrilled to do a family/first birthday session for Bebe, but she was NOT thrilled by the cake part LOL.  Unfortunately their visit to NY was just before everything came into bloom, however, the backdrop is still beautiful.  

Bernadette-4 Bernadette-5 Bernadette-9 Bernadette-15 Bernadette-17 Bernadette-20 Bernadette-23 Bernadette-27 Bernadette-32 Bernadette-39 Bernadette-42 Bernadette-49 Bernadette-51 Bernadette-63 Bernadette-66-2 Bernadette-69 Bernadette-70 Bernadette-71 Bernadette-72 Bernadette-73 Bernadette-74 Bernadette-75