Bebe's First Birthday

Bebe's mom is a friend of mine from high school who also happens to be a photographer in Vegas.  I was thrilled to do a family/first birthday session for Bebe, but she was NOT thrilled by the cake part LOL.  Unfortunately their visit to NY was just before everything came into bloom, however, the backdrop is still beautiful.  

Bernadette-4 Bernadette-5 Bernadette-9 Bernadette-15 Bernadette-17 Bernadette-20 Bernadette-23 Bernadette-27 Bernadette-32 Bernadette-39 Bernadette-42 Bernadette-49 Bernadette-51 Bernadette-63 Bernadette-66-2 Bernadette-69 Bernadette-70 Bernadette-71 Bernadette-72 Bernadette-73 Bernadette-74 Bernadette-75