What is a lifestyle session?

You may have seen or heard me refer to a lifestyle session or lifestyle photography and be left wondering what the heck I am talking about.  Well lifestyle photography is all about capturing the here and now.  These sessions are different than your typical portrait sessions.  These sessions are about emotion, connection and honesty.  For me,  my favorite photographs are not those of my family perfectly posed, but of my daughter trying on her "high heels" with her baby in her arms.  My children will only be little once, they won't always want to play with legos, or draw Star Wars characters.  One day I will look at my husband and say "remember when.."  I want those memories captured, which is why I created my lifestyle sessions. I want to come into your home and document your family and what makes you unique.  I want to tell YOUR story.  Remember how he used to reach his arms up out of the crib?  Remember how she used to love to play dress up?  Remember how he smiled on the swing?


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