A first birthday lifestyle session

I loved documenting this family for their little guy's first birthday.  Lifestyle sessions are my favorite way to document a first birthday.  Seeing them taking a bath in the sink, reaching out for you in their crib, crawling away, these are all such fleeting moments.  Everyone says how time goes so fast and while you are in the thick of it, you don't get to cherish these moments and realize how much you will miss them.  Soon they will no longer fit in the sink, they will climb out of their cribs, and they will be running. Erica Burns Photography | Lifestyle First Birthday Lifestyle Session | Erica Burns Photography Ballance-55 Ballance-58 Ballance-62 Ballance-65 Ballance-68Ballance-74Ballance-76Ballance-87Ballance-80Ballance-88Ballance-98Ballance-99Ballance-101Ballance-103Ballance-105Ballance-112Ballance-113Ballance-116Ballance-118Ballance-122Ballance-125First Birthday Lifestyle Session | Erica Burns Photography