OPA! Baby "G"

I was very much looking forward to photographing this baptism.  It was my first time inside a Greek Orthodox Church and it was just breathtaking!  I can't tell you how impressed I was with the entire service.  I loved how the church chooses to christen each baby in a private ceremony and the priest included the children to participate in the service so beautifully.  I was so moved during this christening and it was such a wonderful sacrament to witness.  


Clarke Communion

I was so excited when my friend asked me if I could come and take some photos after her daughter's communion.  Her two daughters are just gorgeous and I knew she probably outdid herself on the decor, and I was right.  When I met "R", we quickly bonded over a love of crafts, but she far surpasses me in all areas of craftiness.  She made the seating chart along with the banner on the table and the centerpieces, every detail is just perfect!  

Clarke-10 Clarke-18 Clarke-33 Clarke-34 Clarke-35 Clarke-37 Clarke-43 Clarke-47 Clarke-51 Clarke-62 Clarke-66