Welcome to the World Sylvia

You know when you meet someone and instantly click, that is exactly what happened with this family. It was as if we had been friends for years, when literally we had only just met.   It shouldn't have been surprise  that I would like Sylvia's mommy since we have a very good mutual friend, but you never know when you meet your client for the first time in person.  I was happy to hear that this family likes to take in strays, so I am hoping that means they may take me in too because I had the best time chatting and connecting with them.  

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Lifestyle Newborn Session- Matthew

I have recently realized that I like more lifestyle newborn photography than the posed newborns.  I just love how authentic the lifestyle newborn photographs come across and the connections that I am able to capture between new parents, siblings and the baby. This lifestyle newborn session I made sure to include mom's first baby, Taylor, her dog.  This family certainly looks like the All-American Family, especially the photographs out on their front porch. I felt like they could be a Ralph Lauren advertisement.  Also, I have a thing for yawning newborns, aren't they so cute?  Barnes-9 Barnes-11 Barnes-16 Barnes-18 Barnes-21 Barnes-22 Barnes-36 Barnes-38 Barnes-42 Barnes-43 Barnes-52 Barnes-56 Barnes-59 Barnes-61 Barnes-63 Barnes-67 Barnes-68 Barnes-71 Barnes-73 Barnes-76 Barnes-77 Barnes-78 Barnes-83 Barnes-87 Barnes-90 Barnes-95 Barnes-98

6 month session with "A"

A's mom called me about doing a 6 month stylized session.  I absolutely adore photographing babies this age, they are so smiley and happy.  I also love being able to take a vision and bring it to life.  I just wanted this session to have a creamy dreamy feel to it.  I purchased the romper and bonnet from Baby Portrait Prop Shop on Etsy.  She custom made this for the session and it is just gorgeous! Avery-9 Avery-12 Avery-17 Avery-18 Avery-21 Avery-22 Avery-23 Avery-24-2 Avery-25 Avery-26 Avery-28 Avery-31-2 Avery-32 Avery-33-2